"The songs feel like the musings of a person reliving a life flashing before their eyes just before their final destination arrives" - On The Back Edge Of The Beat

"drenched in love" - Matthew McDade

"evolved tremedously" - The Lantern

"eccentric yet evocative" - The Seattle Star

"delving into memories, while the music delivery has a bouncy sense of wonder" - After Hours Youngstown

"Each phase of their songs could easily be its own universe" - The Wooster Voice

"sad songs with happy lyrics" - The University Of Findlay Press

"nonstop, DIY passionate diehards" - TribToday

"The lyrics tell you that every single mistake that you've made in the past will give you the courage to keep on following that one goal that you've been dying to reach" - Kristine's Music Review

"a brave and fiercely original brand of unclassifiable rock" - The Walruss

"soulful and melodic" - The Jambar

"daily inspiration" - Voyage Ohio