Third Class is Ohio's quirk-pop music,
2-note chords, wonky tempos,
fun songs with sad lyrics
and fuzzy undertones, going
strong since 1999.

Here are new, unmastered
to appear on our next LP.


 LEE BOYLE                                   JACK BOYLE           PEPE PARISH                              


Third Class, a quirk-pop trio from Youngstown, Ohio, has worked alongside members of Dirty Projectors, The Breeders, Beat Happening, Soda Shop, Juche, Stealing Jane, Adrian Crowley, Doleful Lions, Hellogoodbye, and The Drums. In diligently promoting studio releases, including 2 LPs, and 1 EP which was produced by fan donations, Third Class has performed in OH, PA, KY, NY, ME, TN, MD, NJ, MI, KY, WV, IN, IL, WI, WA, and CT, with acts such as Red Wanting Blue, Nicholas Megalis, Cereal Banter, The Zou, Way Yes, Sam Goodwill, The Leonard Cohen Ensemble, and John Wesley Harding. As published and nominated writers, Third Class’ members create poetically-charged music, riddled with quirky riffs created by two-string guitar, fuzzy bass, cheesy keyboard, straining vocals, and undulating rhythms, often changing tempos. Garnering press coverage from Under The Radar, NBC News, The CW's Let's Go Youngstown, The Ohio Universtiy Post, The Wooster Voice, Cleveland Scene,, Nashville Audition,, K Records,, The Jimmy Fro Indie Music Show, Black Squirrel Radio, Kicksaw Media, Ivy’s Red Sweater, and Indie Monster, Third Class has built a reputation in entertaining audiences with a unique take on the craft of pop music.



What's new with us, lately? Good question, here is the answer: We are done recording our new album, 11 brand-new tracks, and we are saving up money to have it mastered. We, also, have shot a documentary of the making of the album which will include footage from both Ampreon Recorder and Historian Recording Co., both great recording facilities. We've played a few stripped-down sets, in our local area, places like Stambaugh Auditorium, in Youngstown, Ohio, and Guilford Lake Grille, in Lisbon, Ohio, trying out the new material on different crowds. Our own Jack Boyle is in Seattle, Washington, right now, working as a Counselor and Musician, at Hidden Valley Camp. We've received some press from Ohio University's The Post, Nashville Audition, Donkey Coffee, and, and we were featured on television, twice, on The CW's show, Lets Go Youngstown. And, finally, we, recently, recorded some guest vocals for an upcoming record by Youngstown, Ohio's own local band, The Zou. Hope all is well with you, reader. We appreciate you stopping by to check us out.

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